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Looking into the future as Family. Day 6

The Assembly is near the end and after seeing how we are doing, choosing our new Council means looking to the future. Now we ask ourselves where we want to go and how we want to do it, these will be the next lines of action for the coming four years.

The morning began with a bilingual prayer prepared by the Region of Brazil in which, we were illumined by the model of following Jesus and we invoke the Holy Spirit to guide us in our journey.

In groups we worked on 3 questions related to the previous document that was sent to us to work in the Communities before the Assembly:

1. What is the Community's positive contribution?

2. How could the things that are done well in the fraternity of the Movement be strengthened and reaffirmed?

3. How can we overcome the difficulties in question of the Fraternity that we live?

The shared reflections will serve for the elaboration of the final document.

Before lunch we are presented with the first draft of the document with the lines of action to be worked on in the coming years. We have been developed these line with the responses of the survey sent to us and with everything that has been done during this assembly. We work in groups in which we got 7 lines of action that have been proposed, with their suggestions to complete them.

After lunch and a little rest after lunch the small modifications or added suggestions worked in the groups were put in common. Now they are proposed to the entire assembly to be voted. These proposals are considered priority for the Assembly. The result has been the following:

1. To growth in the communion of goods and in the economic sustainability of the MSC.

2. To develop the Formation Plan as well as diffusion and articulation.

3. To improve our commitment towards Solidarity and Mission (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) in coordination with the Claretian Family.

4. To encourage the Promotion of the Claretian Charism from our secular identity.

5. To keep communication active at all levels and provide access in other languages.

6. To consolidate the organization of the Movement.

7. To growth in the maturity of the groups and to have greater co-responsibility in the field of the Claretian Family.

We were very effective and we enjoyed a great rest in which different playful activities were shared.

The afternoon continued with the celebration of the Eucharist as Claretian Family. Several CMFs, missionary brothers and seminarians from different communities gathered to share the evening with us. The Bética Region animated the Eucharist during which all the branches of the Claretian Family were presented as a reminder to each one of us that under the action of the Holy Spirit we should be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We finished the Eucharist by the inspiring dynamic of the overflowing glass of water through which we are called to an overflowing delivery in our pastoral, social, family, and personal life.

We finished the day with a great celebration and afterwards we had a banquet and live music. And we kept the party dancing until late at night.

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