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Quadrennial evaluation. Day 2

We started this Monday 15 with the Eucharist animated by the North Region of Spain and after strengthening the spirit; we nurtured also the body with delicious traditional empanadas, accompanied with a tintico to awaken the senses.

Our day began with the Report of the General Council during these four years since the last Assembly in Granada in 2015. The Council and its members have done a magnificent work and they show and thank in the Report. They were acknowledged and appreciated by the entire assembly, and their report was unanimously approved it.

Part of that work carried out by the Council has been the realization of a General Plan of Formation that Miguelo, Secretary of Formation. He presented us in a very didactic and entertaining way, because although he says that he rolls up himself like the blinds, nobody fell asleep. We really have appreciated the great task accomplished and how useful this plan is. The materials of this General Plan of Formation are already accessible in the website.

After lunch and a well-deserved rest, we continued in the afternoon with the presentation of some of the Regions. Marta Salazar, delegate of the North American area, presented the 2 communities that are in Canada, the community of Montreal and the one of Sherbrooke that is in discernment. In Mexico there are also 2 other communities that, their representatives in the assembly introduced themselves along with Morelia and the newly incorporated community of Guadalupe. Marta concluded the presentation of the North American zone with the U.S. Community in Chicago done by Conchita.

Luis Martínez introduced us to the Bética Region, which has great members. They are almost 300 between the admitted and those in discernment. They are organized in 19 admitted communities and 3 in discernment.

The presentations of the regions concluded with the hosting Region of Colombia, which is also a large region with 12 communities distributed in 4 zones.

After the afternoon break, Adriana Arboleda, who is a lawyer and activist, gave us an interesting talk about the current situation in Colombia. Her emphasis was towards the peace treaty and the difficulties with the implementation of the different stages of the process.

The afternoon ended with a very emotional prayer prepared by Venezuela, reminding us of the message of the Good News of the Beatitudes, of which we are co-responsible to make it true and alive among us.

The traditional music group from Choco “Song Chiribanda Chirimía” entertained the evening. They were teaching us how to dance and it helped us to lost some of the calories that we gained with the wonderful and abundant food that we are enjoying.

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